Stories of hope and change


Anna’s Story

Anna* was sexual and physically abused by her aunt and their partner. Femili PNG financially supported her to take them to court where the judge ruled in favour of Anna.

Ruthy’s Story

Ruthy* experienced terrible sexual abuse when she was kidnapped as a child. With Femili PNG’s help she went to court, and had the perpetrator sentences to 23 years imprisonment.

Isa’s story

We helped Isa* to escape her abusive husband. With Femili PNG’s help Isa, who is illiterate, was able to go to court and plead her case. She is now permanently protected by a court order.

Alice’s Story

Alice* was pregnant when she was referred to Femili PNG. She was constantly experiencing physical and sexual abuse from her husband. With out help she, and her children, could escape that violence and live safely.

Ruth’s story

We helped Ruth* escape from years of intimate partner violence from her husband. With Femili PNG’s help she could get a protection order from the courts and stop his abuse.

Emily’s story

Emily* and her children were abused by Emily’s husband. With Femili PNG’s help they were able to escape the violence and go to court, where the husband was ordered to pay child support.

Louisa’s story

Louisa* had been experiencing on-going intimate partner violence from her husband since marriage until she accessed Femili PNG’s services. During the client’s initial assessment and intake, Louisa appeared to be severely beaten and had sustained a lot … Read more

Rose’s story

Rose* was physically and sexually abused by her husband. Femili PNG assisted her by moving her to a safe house and later helping her return safely to her home province.