Preventing sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.


Femili PNG recognises that our work places staff in positions of trust in relation to survivors who are especially vulnerable. In response, our staff are expected to uphold high standards of workplace conduct and not use their positions to exploit or abuse others.

These standards and our approach are available to the public in our Prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment policy.

We actively prevent and respond to sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (SEAH). Our organisational culture promotes respect and prioritises safeguarding against SEAH. Pathways are available to ensure all staff, partners, clients and other stakeholders can report allegations of SEAH.

Report staff or partners perpetrating SEAH

We have a zero-tolerance approach to staff and partners perpetrating SEAH. If you have been made aware of allegations of staff or partners perpetrating SEAH, you can report this accusation here or email [email protected]

We encourage reporters to provide contact details and assure them that they will be protected as whistle-blowers. Reports can also be made anonymously.

All allegations will be viewed by the Chair of the Femili PNG board, who will act in accordance with our Prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment policy.