We provide outreach and awareness raising to help make positive and lasting change.


Femili PNG provides outreach and awareness-raising sessions in communities, schools, businesses, and other groups on many topics associated with family and sexual violence (FSV) and child safety.

We believe that this information can help change people’s beliefs and behaviours, which can contribute to the prevention of violence in their homes.

We educate and inform people on topics like:

  • Family and sexual violence and it’s different forms
  • FSV related laws
  • Rights of women and children
  • Child abuse and its different forms
  • Child protection and child safety
  • The cycle of violence
  • Individual rights and responsibilities
  • Referral pathways and support for survivors.

Awareness on the issue of family and sexual violence is necessary to ensure that individuals are aware that FSV and child abuse is illegal, and to inform survivors on how they can get help. Through outreach, people will also understand the consequences of FSV and child abuse and prevent it from happening.

FSV is everyone’s problem. We all need to work together to send a message that violence is not acceptable. Government, communities, NGOs, churches and individuals all need to show that violence is not acceptable. Femili PNG works with communities and individuals to ensure that they understand the consequences of FSV and can work together to address FSV in Papua New Guinea.

Latest outreach news

Femili PNG team meets Ukuni Women in Coffee

Femili PNG, through its sister organisation, Friends of Femili PNG (FFPNG), has partnered with local PNG women coffee growers to raise funds for Femili PNG. FFPNG will purchase coffee from the Ukuni womens association and sell it in Australia, empowering the coffee growers and helping to fund the mission of Femili PNG.

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