Protection orders

Protection orders are issued by a court and contain rules that perpetrators must follow. We can help survivors apply for protection orders.


We can help survivors of family and sexual violence obtain a protection order.

Protection orders are issued by a court and contain conditions that aim to prevent further violence. They may require the perpetrator to not commit any more violent acts or to stay away from the survivor.

We can help people obtain these orders by assisting them to complete the paperwork and statements needed to go to court. We can also help them lodge the paperwork and coordinate with the police to have the orders served to the perpetrator.

There are two types of protection orders, interim protection orders (IPO) and protection orders. Interim protections orders are faster to obtain, but last only 30 days. Protection orders can last for up to two years. After receiving an IPO, survivors can ask for it to be converted into a protection order for longer term support.

We’ve helped over 1,000 people get a protection order since opening in 2014.

If you or someone you know needs help to obtain a protection order, contact us.

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