Stories of hope and change

Every survivor has a story to tell.

A client recieves support from one of the Femili PNG caseworkers.

These stories of hope and change explain what our clients have experienced and how Femili PNG assisted them.

These stories demonstrate the impact of our services, and the positive effect that Femili PNG has had on the lives of our clients.

Clients give us permission to share their stories for many reasons: some want to inspire others to seek help and end the cycle of violence, others want to have their voice heard after many years of it being dismissed.

We are grateful to the survivors who have allowed us to share their stories with you.


Esme’s story

This is a story about *Esme, a 12 year old girl who experienced abuse from her maternal aunt and husband.¬†She could not bear the abuse she was experiencing and decided to ran away. Through effective … Read more

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Alena’s story

*Alena is a 36 year old woman with six children who suffered physical, verbal, emotional, financial and sexual abuse from the man she fell in love with. Femili PNG collaborated with police, Welfare and other … Read more

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Kimia’s story

This is the story of *Kimia, a young girl who experienced ongoing sexual abuse by her cousin sister’s husband. She reported the matter to her cousin sister but the sister accused her of making up … Read more

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Malia’s story

This is the story of a woman who experienced violence after her husband died. She remarried to a man who promised to look after her and her children. However, when she settled in with him, … Read more

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More stories of hope and change

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* Names have been changed to protect survivors.