Who we can help

We can help people who have been subject to intimate partner violence, child abuse, sexual violence, or sorcery accusation-related violence.


We provide our case management services for free to survivors of family and sexual violence.

We can help people in Lae, Port Moresby or Goroka that have experienced certain types of violence. These include:

  • Violence from an intimate partner – such as married partner or boy/girl relationship
  • Sexual violence from anyone – such as rape or sexual assault
  • Any form of child abuse – physical, emotional, neglect, sexual, and child labour
  • Sorcery accusation-related violence – such as being accused of sanguma or using sorcery.

If you or someone you know has experienced any of these forms of violence, but lives elsewhere in PNG, we may still be able to provide advice or assist them.

Please contact us for help.

LaePort MoresbyGoroka
7091 4027 or 472 89047916 9063 or 325 10187217 9445

Employees of businesses who subscribe to Bel isi PNG requiring assistance are encouraged to contact us on our dedicated line for Bel isi subscribers: 7055 4401.

If we can’t help you, there are many other excellent organisations and service providers in PNG that may be able to. You can find other help available here.