Service partners

Femili PNG works with many service providers and we thank them for their work to address family and sexual violence.


Despite chronic under-resourcing and skills shortages, there are many dedicated service providers in PNG determined to make a difference to the lives of survivors of FSV. We support and celebrate their work.

Femili PNG provides training, skills development and resourcing to service providers to assist them in their work.

  • Family and Sexual Violence Units (FSVU)
  • Sexual and Offense Squads (SOS)
  • Safe accommodation providers
  • Welfare Departments
  • District Courts of Lae, Port Moresby and Goroka
  • Public Solicitors Offices

We’ve supported many of these service providers with their work and thank them for their efforts to improve responses to family and sexual violence.

Read about some of our most recent work with service providers below:

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