Bel isi PNG Initiative

Femili PNG is proud to be the operating partner of the Bel isi PNG Initiative in Port Moresby.


The Bel isi PNG Initiative is a public-private-civil society partnership which aims to galvanise the private sector to play a transformational leadership role in changing attitudes towards family and sexual violence.

They do so by partnering with subscribing businesses, who pay a regular fee that supports the work of partners like Femili PNG. By subscribing, the businesses receive many benefits, including:

  • Regular newsletters, education, and communication materials
  • Induction sessions for senior leaders
  • Access for employees and their families to the Femili PNG case management centre
  • Access for female employees and their immediate family members to safe accommodation
  • An invitation to join the annual End of Violence Against Women Walk.

Bel isi PNG Initiative subscribing employees

Employees of businesses that subscribe to the Bel isi PNG Initiative are encouraged to contact Femili PNG if they need case management services.

If you, or someone you know, is an employee of a business that subscribes to Bel isi PNG and would like our assistance, you can contact us our Port Moresby team on 7055 4401.

If you are not an employee of a business that subscribes to Bel isi PNG Initiative, but are in Port Moresby and would like assistance, please contact us.



Subscribing to the Bel isi PNG Initiative has benefits for businesses, employees, and survivors.

Businesses benefit from reducing the effects of family and sexual violence on their employees.  FSV has significant costs to businesses including reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and higher employee turnover.

Employees benefit from training on FSV and from an understanding of the services available to help them if they experience family or sexual violence.

Survivors benefit from being able to access case management services and from being able to use the safe house.

Femili PNG is grateful for the funding under the Bel isi PNG Initiative to be able to operate in Port Moresby and provide case management services free of charge.

You can learn more about the Bel isi PNG Initiative at