Training and support

Femili PNG staff learn data management and analysis with the CMS


Femili PNG staff learnt new skills in a data analysis and management workshop held by FemiliPNG Australia, formerly known as Friends of Femili PNG.

The workshop equipped three Femili PNG Information Officers with the key skills they need to utilise the new casework reporting tools and support the organisation’s growing IT systems.

A lot was taught that helped me get to know the systems I deal with every day in my work, how to manage it, and produce the information that is expected by the organisation, clients, partners and others.

The workshop has given me knowledge and confidence in my work as an Information Officer, and helps me in my career as well.

– Joash Emmanuel, Lae Information Officer for Femili PNG

Keeping track of outcomes for survivors

With three centres across PNG and over one thousand survivors of violence assisted each year, Femili PNG uses robust systems to keep track on how to support survivors. The organisation assist survivors to secure a range of outcomes, from finding safe accommodation, getting referrals to partners and having perpetrators arrested.

To keep track of all this, Femili PNG uses the Case Management System (CMS), a software system developed in collaboration with FemiliPNG Australia.

The final phase of the two-year CMS development project was recently completed which enabled Femili PNG to fully manage and control all casework data and to access advanced reporting. These systems automate much of the previously manual work needed to report on outcomes for survivors.

This enables caseworkers to spend more time working with clients, and less time doing paperwork.

Femili PNG’s Information Officers act as leaders for the CMS, entering data, ensuring its accuracy, producing reporting and helping caseworkers to adopt the system. By holding a dedicated workshop for Information Officers, FemiliPNG Australia is helping these staff gain the key skills they need to get the most out of the CMS.

The workshop

The Information Officers Workshop took place on Monday, June 19th, where the three officers from each centre came together in Port Moresby to meet FemiliPNG Australia’s Information Systems Manager, Andrew Howes. Together they deepened their knowledge of the Case Management System (CMS) and the data reporting system, Power BI.

Femili PNG Information Officers attend the data analysis and data training workshop on Power BI and the CMS. From left to right, Joash Emmanuel, Raizen Kenly and Femi Roi.
Femili PNG Information Officers attend the workshop. From left to right, Joash Emmanuel, Raizen Kenly and Femi Roi.

The Lae Information Officer, Joash Emmanuel, reflected on what he learnt during the workshop.

The Information Officer’s Workshop is an exciting experience for me. Managing information is vital for every organisation, as it is maintaining the confidentiality, availability and integrity of that information, as well as producing analysis to illustrate progress. In that manner, future decisions and evaluations can be made, guided by the information that is produced.

Learning new features of the Case Management System is a privilege. It helps me gain the confidence on using the system, especially with tracking business kits, protection orders, and using the many other features of the CMS.

The workshop gave us guidance and in-depth knowledge of the features of the CMS, how the system captures information, and how we can produce reports using Power BI and Excel.

It is simple, fast, effective, user friendly, and a most exciting system to manage data, where data confidentially is maintained at all costs.

Word of thanks to Femili PNG for the opportunity to gain this knowledge. Special thanks to Andrew Howes for facilitating the workshop/training, developing the CMS, and giving us the opportunity to deepen our knowledge. We appreciate the continuous support from FemiliPNG Australia.

– Joash Emmanuel, Lae Information Officer for Femili PNG

In recognition of their dedication and hard work in training, the Information Officers were presented with certificates after the workshop.

Mr. Howes congratulated the staff on completing the training and said that “the Information Officers capabilities and eagerness to learn demonstrates their role as technology leaders for Femili PNG. The new skills that they have learnt will help Femili PNG continue to use technology that enables them in their important work.”

FemiliPNG Australia

FemiliPNG Australia, formerly known as Friends of Femili PNG, is an Australian non-profit dedicated to supporting locally-led solution to family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea. They have been supporting Femili PNG since 2015 to assist with capacity building, technical assistance, fundraising support and more.

FemiliPNG Australia remains dedicated to empowering Femili PNG’s staff and Information Officers, by equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively manage and report on their case work data.

With help from FemiliPNG Australia, Femili PNG continues to strengthen its capacity to provide vital assistance and support to survivors of family and sexual violence.