Stories of hope and change

Isa’s story


Isa* was initially seen at the Family Support Centre with history of ongoing intimate partner violence from her husband. She was referred to Femili PNG to assist her to seek an Interim Protection Order from the courts.

Isa is illiterate, and couldn’t write a statement. A Femili PNG Case Worker helped her to write her statement and assisted with a referral note to the court clerk, who registered Isa’s case before a magistrate. Her case was deferred many times due to conferences and magistrates being sick, however Isa persevered.

Eventually the case was heard.

Isa’s husband did not turn up so a warrant of arrest was issued by the magistrate and taken to the police Family and Sexual Violence Unit (FSVU) by Isa. Her husband was called in and was arrested.

He was held in police custody, but was then bailed out for K300.00. They appeared again in court, which found in Isa’s favour.

The case was successful with a permanent Protection Order being issued.

* Not her real name