Femili PNG Training for Oxfam Partners: Learning to unlearn things the right way…

Attending training is an opportunity for an individual to learn new things and also to unlearn the things that they are used to doing. Service providers who have been working for a long time may sometimes forget to follow certain protocols because of their overwhelming number of cases handled. On the other hand, new service providers may lack some of the knowledge and skills required to handle and manage cases.

Putting Lae’s safe houses to work

One of the most satisfying things I have seen through my involvement with Femili PNG is the changed situation with regards to Lae’s safe houses. I first went to Lae with my colleague, Kamalini Lokuge, at her suggestion to look at what could be done by way of follow up to the MSF Family Support Centre project in Lae for survivors of family and sexual violence in February 2013. At that time, Lae’s two safe houses were not working well. Finding safe accommodation for a survivor was a major challenge.