The project: goals, objectives, activity areas


High level goal

To improve access to and effectiveness of services for FSV survivors.

Our objectives

  1. SupportĀ  survivors to access emergency medical care and psycho-social services provided by the FSC and health sector.
  2. Support survivors in need to access to services for emergency shelter of an adequate standard and duration.
  3. Provide survivors with information to and help them obtain recourse from policing, legal and social services.
  4. Coordinate with other NGOs to promote relocation solutions for survivors as appropriate.
  5. Help child survivors access appropriate child protection services provided by the government and NGO sectors.
  6. On the basis of the above, by building a model of inter-agency collaboration and documenting success and lessons learnt, to advocate for more effective services for survivors of FSV.

Activity areas

  • case-management to survivors of family and sexual violence
  • coordination, lobbying, training and resourcing of other service providers
  • operations- and research-based advocacy