Case management

Survey results: 2016-2020 Client satisfaction with Femili PNG and service providers


Since 2016, Femili PNG has interviewed clients from our first Case Management Centre (CMC) in Lae about their satisfaction with our services. This is focused on our case management as well as the service providers we refer clients to, such as courts, medical services, safe houses, or legal advice.

Since beginning the satisfaction surveying, 182 randomly selected clients have been interviewed. The Client Satisfaction Survey Report provides key insights into the services that our clients use, how important they considered them to be, and their interactions with service providers.

Overwhelmingly, the feedback on satisfaction for Femili PNG (99%) and the client’s referral sector (90%) is positive. However client dissatisfaction also provides key information useful for understanding not only our clients and their needs, but also serves to provide evidence for recurring structural issues with service providers. Information based on ongoing surveys such as these can provide the basis for further research and advocacy.

The report uses the last 4 years of client satisfaction data to provide an outline of some of the positive work that Femili PNG has been able to do for our clients, as well as some of the challenges that we continue to face. Clients are interviewed on average 9 months after their cases are closed. 143 clients had their cases closed at the time of interview and the remaining 39 were current clients of Femili PNG.

You can download and read the full report here.