Student trainee shares his experience working with Femili PNG


Femi Roy, a final year student from the University of Goroka shares his experience as a student trainee with Femili PNG in Lae.

Femi Roy, final year UOG student trainee attached with Femili PNG

It was a great privilege for me as a student having hands-on training with Femili PNG. I have gained a lot from my six weeks with the Femili PNG team in Lae. For the first four weeks, I was attached with the Information Officer who patiently showed me how to do data entry. I then spent the next two weeks with the case management team which included the Case Work Manager, Case Workers and Support Workers who directly assist clients. I was involved in doing case assessments, case conferencing, assisting clients to service providers, referrals, clients interviews for clients’ satisfaction form, and also in-taking of new clients. This helped me to understand  the process of case management when dealing with survivors of family and sexual violence and child abuse.

My time with the organization made me realize the free time and flexibility I’ve had in the theory part of my studies, and how hectic doing the real work is. I was exposed to the pressure and stress, and the challenges that the Femili PNG team face in helping survivors. Regardless of the challenges faced in doing such work, it is all worth it, and rewarding when survivors gets the help they need. From my experience and observation, I learnt that it is important to create a friendly and welcoming environment where people seeking help can connect and are comfortable to share their issues and get help. This is the type of environment I’ve seen Femili PNG provide for its clients, which helps in their healing process.

Student trainee Femi Roy with Femili PNG Lae Case Work Manager Evan Bieso taking a break from work during staff debrief

My engagement with Femili PNG has been such a rewarding experience for me as an individual, and has positively influenced me to be a good social work professional in my near future in dealing with gender and family issues. My short time with the organization has been nothing but an invaluable experience, which I will hold dear, and take on with me wherever I go. Apart from work experience, I had the opportunity of getting to meet and learn from incredible individuals.

After graduating, I would hope to get the opportunity to come back and work with Femili PNG and be part of an organization that is client-centered.