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Stephanie Copus-Campbell speaks to Ruby Connection on CMC


Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 8.49.34 PMBoard member Stephanie Copus-Campbell spoke to Ruby Connection about the CMC and the wider issue of gender-based violence in PNG.

“Apart from the very real physical and human rights repercussions, what really has to be noted,” says Stephanie, “is women who are victims of violence cannot fully contribute to society, the workplace, the economy or family life.

“When I was in PNG, and I’ve had two postings to the country, violence was everywhere. It was visible in hospitals, in the faces of women and girls. Running a team of 500 people during my second stint with Australia’s aid program, I knew it affected the way the women could do their work.

“For example, I always worried when I promoted women because it could put them at risk, with jealous  husbands or other families members wanting their money. That was an issue for us in terms of how we supported the women who worked for us and it affected efficiency, and effectiveness.”

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