Case management

Paul Brockmann, outgoing MSF PNG Head of Mission, on case management


In an interview with the Devpolicy Blog, outgoing Head of Mission for MSF in PNG, Paul Brockmann, spoke on the need for case management services.

“..we do know that our patients need access to other services, and there are some. In Lae, for example, there are a couple of child protective service officers. In Lae, there are some people working with the office of Public Prosecutor that try to bring forward cases. Is it enough? Certainly not. Is it more than existed a decade ago? Absolutely. So you’ve got to take that and you’ve got to reinforce it.

What’s really exciting to us at MSF right now is this new model to create a more robust management of those onward references to services. At the moment, it’s being called the Case Management Centre. Whatever you call it, it’s what patients need, which is to get the medical care, get referrals, make the choice.”

Read the interview here.