Listen: Femili PNG staff interviewed on ABC’s Pacific Beat


Femili PNG’s Operations Director, Denga Ilave, was recently interviewed on ABC’s Pacific Beat to talk about some of the challenges in responding to sexual and gender-based violence in PNG.

Lae Operations Director Denga Ilave with Rosie Batty

There are structural challenges in responding to complaints of violence in PNG, notably the under resourcing of institutions like police, courts and welfare offices.

In the interview Ms Ilave noted that for those without experience navigating these institutions and a lack of literacy can make interacting with police and courts particularly challenging for survivors.

However commitment to reform and change underpins much of the work that Femili PNG does.

I have a daughter and I see many beautiful daughters in PNG and I need to do my bit in contribution to make this place a safer place, a safer community and a safer country for all the children in PNG

Denga Ilave, Femili PNG Operations Director

Also interviewed for the program was Dr Judy Putt from the Department of Pacific Affairs at the Australian National University, who recently conducted an external evaluation of Femili PNG’s Lae operations from 2014-2019.

You can listen to the full report and interview on the ABC Radio website, here.