Case management

About Femili PNG and the case management approach


cmc_councilFemili PNG is a local NGO based in Lae and Port Moresby that runs Case Management Centres (CMC) to assist survivors of family and sexual violence to access the services they need. Our target population is women, men or children who are survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, sorcery accusation related violence and/or child abuse.

The organisation is managed by a committee of PNG and Australian stakeholders. The NGO was formed in 2013 and the CMC began operations in Lae in July 2014, and Port Moresby in October 2018.

Survivors of family and sexual violence need access to a range of services, from medical and psycho-social care to emergency shelter, police protection, legal recourse, and vocational training.

Coordination across multiple sectors and organisations is essential for the effective provision of these services, but this type of case management is missing throughout PNG. As a result, many survivors face barriers when they try to access the services and support that they need.

The CMC works with existing service providers in Lae and Port Moresby – the Family Support Centre, safe houses, the police, the prosecutors’ office, government social workers, and other NGOs. By acting together, better outcomes for the protection and support of survivors can be achieved.

Our case managers receive referrals from service providers, as well as self-referrals from women and children affected by family and sexual violence. Our initial priority is to ensure that any immediate threats to the safety and well-being of these survivors are addressed through access to appropriate emergency interventions. Once this is achieved, our case managers work with their clients to support them to achieve longer-term solutions.

The CMC also aims to have a national impact by working with those in other parts of the country who are engaged in similar endeavours, by offering training in case management, and disseminating good practice and lessons learnt. Through this work, we also plan to learn a lot more about what works in responding to family and sexual violence.

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