Interview: Sustineo’s Tom Sloan on gender-based violence and fundraising for the Virtual Marathon Festival

Tom Sloan excited at training for the Canberra Times Virtual Marathon Festival

Can you briefly describe the work that Sustineo does in PNG?

Sustineo is a social research firm that does a range of projects in PNG; a broad range of subjects, from climate change to social policy, but one of the things that we have done a lot of has been around access to justice, crime, and things that touch on what Femili PNG does as its core work.

How have you found gender-based violence impacts your work in PNG?

The impact here comes through in a number of different ways in how gender-based violence impacts our work. At one level, it’s fairly core to some of our work and the projects that we do, looking at the prevalence of crime and the emergence of that in PNG: it emerges significantly and often. At a different level though we work a lot with local partners in PNG and we know from them the relationships we’ve built, that it’s an acute issue for impacting on their work, their people, and their families.

Why did you want to support the Running Festival?

The reason we sought to support Femili PNG is that from the work that we do we’re acutely aware of the important niche that Femili PNG fills in PNG, as a place that has amongst the highest rates of family and sexual violence in the world. We do recognise that it’s a critical thing that the organisation does.

And what better reason to support a group than while slugging around a lake?

How is your training going?

I’ve not done too many long runs before, but a lot of people say that tapering is the best part of preparing for a marathon and I am firmly in the tapering stage. I did my last run yesterday and look forward to actually doing the event on Sunday.

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