Femili PNG’s Lae Evaluation seminar now online


On Wednesday 20 October, Femili PNG and the Development Policy Centre conducted an online seminar about the Evaluation of six years of Femili PNG’s Lae operations.

Earlier this year, Helping Family and Sexual Violence Survivors in Papua New Guinea – the Evaluation of six years of Femili PNG’s Lae operations, was published. The Evaluation measured Femili PNG’s progress against its four main strategic priorities, which relate to service delivery and organisational resilience, and the impact Femili PNG was having on its clients, the local community and more broadly. The Evaluator, Dr Judy Putt, conducted 40 interviews, mostly face to face, with staff and stakeholders. Femili PNG also gave unfettered access to non-confidential information and reports, and provided invaluable statistics from its client data platform.

At the seminar, Dr Putt, Femili PNG’s CEO Daisy Plana and Operations Director Denga Ilave discussed the Evaluation, methodology, findings and response.

You can view the seminar on YouTube here.