Case management

Femili PNG: The first two years of data


Since the inception of our Case Management Centre in Lae in July 2014, Femili PNG has been recording and tracking data on our clients and their needs.

A report covering our first two year of data is now available: Client Characteristics and Services 2014-16: The first two years.

This report makes an important contribution to the available data on family and sexual violence in PNG. The data shows that:

  • Femili PNG assisted over 900 clients in the first two years. 93% were female and 18% were children.
  • 85% of adult clients report suffering verbal abuse or threats, and 86% physical violence.
  • Our clients come from across the socio-economic spectrum.
  • For 95% of clients, the alleged perpetrator is a family member, friend of neighbour.
  • Most alleged perpetrators are males (88%). However, when it comes to children, 78% of the perpetrators are male, 10% female, and 13% males and females acting together.
  • The most commonly cited cause of violence or abuse is “interpersonal issues”, reported by 53% of all clients. 38% of adults report adultery or polygamy as a cause. 33% of clients report substance abuse as a cause, and 29% of adult clients report financial disagreements.

The report highlights the urgent need for levels of violence in PNG to be addressed.

For more details, download the full report.

You can also download the accompanying infographic here.