Femili PNG First Year Anniversary Celebration

The performance of a skit at the celebrations, showing how stakeholders work together to help clients.
The performance of a skit at the celebrations, showing how stakeholders work together to help clients.

Denga Illave, Operations Manger, Femili PNG

The first year anniversary of Femili PNG was celebrated by our staff and partners on July 30th 2015.

The Master of Ceremonies was Andrew, our Log Assist. Elsie, one of our case workers, welcomed the guests. Ume Wainetti, Chair of the Family Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC) and Femili PNG Vice President, gave the opening speech. She acknowledged Femili PNG staff and Lae stakeholders for their good work, collaboration and dedication. She stressed that Case Management is not a foreign concept, but a concept that is born in PNG and therefore one that should be supported.

I presented on the history of Femili PNG, and the highlights of our first year of operation. I stressed the strong collaboration and the networking between the service providers to provide care to our clients.

Then representatives of partner agencies spoke, including Officer-in-Charge Ruth Murup from the Family Sexual Violence Unit of the Lae Police Station; Pauline, the IPO clerk at the Lae District Court; Dr Menda, representing the Family Support Centre; Zuabe, the FSVAC Secretariat Chair, and Louis from the City Mission Meri Saif Haus.

Femili PNG staff performed a skit, which demonstrated all stakeholders networking together in providing services. Femili PNG case worker Evan represented a client, and was covered with many sheets, so she couldn’t see her path forward. Then we had all the service providers seated in front. When the woman come to where they were sitting, they were to remove one sheet of covering. The client was led by Femili PNG staff, Betty. She accompanied the client through all the service providers, removing one sheet at a time. Eventually all the sheets covering the client were removed and she went away smiling!

Presentation of certificates.
Presentation of certificates.

The highlight of the event was having the mother of a child client speak. She spoke about how she was able to access the much needed services when she presented with her child’s problem. She said she came from Manus province, where it was difficult to access these services, and she thanked all the service providers for their work.

The closing remarks were delivered by Femili PNG Board member, Serena Sumanop. She acknowledged all stakeholders and stressed that everyone is like the body, with different parts performing different functions to accomplish one purpose.

Femili PNG staff are so proud of the success over one year of operations achieved with all stakeholders. It was a great celebration, and we are looking forward to another successful year of working together.

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