Femili PNG and Salvation Army Safe House sign MOU

Senior Femili PNG and Salvation Army staff at the MOU signing
Senior Femili PNG and Salvation Army staff at the MOU signing

Femili PNG continues supporting women and children taking refuge at the Salvation Army Safe House in Lae.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on Tuesday May 3rd to pave way for the two organisations to collaboratively provide care and support to the victims and survivors of family and sexual violence cases in Lae.

The MOU were signed by Daisy Plana, Senior Social Worker and CEO of Femili PNG and Salvation Army Major Giam Densi.

“The MOU strengthens our continuous commitment and effort of both parties in supporting the survivors of intimate-partner violence and their children,” Daisy said.

She said that the organisation has been supporting the safe house since 2015.

Daisy said that Femili PNG began supporting the center by providing beddings and utilities, as well as food and clothes for survivors. Now that the MOU has been signed, Femili PNG will continue to support the safe house with much-needed building maintenance and furniture. Femili PNG is also committed to purchasing and installing solar panels for the safe house, so that its running costs can be reduced.

“Our support is provided to ensure that clients’ basic needs are met while they stay at the safe house,” Daisy said.

“The Salvation Army is doing a great job, and we will continue to support their safe house to make sure that the safety and basic needs of the clients are maintained,” she said.

A Guard Dog Security System panic button was also installed at the centre as a security measure.

In another donation, Femili PNG presented wo printers, two boxes of linen sheets and towels, a binding machine, a recording device and a digital camera, and a Guard Dog security panic button to Angau Hospital’s Family Support Center. The equipment and materials were presented to FSC on Thursday May 5.

The donations were in recognition of the FSC’s continuous commitment and hard work in providing medical and psychological care to child abuse and family and sexual violence survivors. FSC was also supported with Guard dog security panic button.

Anastasia Wakon, the FSC manager applauded Femili PNG for the donations.

“These is a kind gesture and will help us improve the effectiveness of our work here in the center,” Wakon said.