Daisy Plana: Senior Social Worker and CEO



Daisy Plana is an experienced social worker and manager, and previously was project coordinator for the MSF in Lae. She is the Senior Social Worker and CEO of Femili PNG.

After starting out as a social worker helping street children in Manila, Daisy worked with Medicines sans Frontieres (MSF) for more than a decade in locations such as Zimbabwe, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Nigeria.

Daisy said it wasn’t difficult for her to decide to return to Lae to work with survivors at Femili PNG’s Case Management Centre.

“ As this concept was being developed… I said to myself that there is so much that we can do. There are so many things that if we really want to, we can work together to make it better… By seeing the commitment, by seeing so many people willing to work to make it successful, and seeing also the need, I said one day if I am given the chance I will come back to work [here].”

Read more about Daisy’s experiences in Lae and her belief in the importance of case management for FSV survivors in this interview.