Pikinini Protection Day a Success!

‘’Please Protect Me – I am the future of PNG’’ was the theme for this year’s Pikinini Protection Day that was celebrated by more than 500 children and their parents at St Mary’s Hall in Lae on 2 September 2017.

PNG men pledge to stop violence

257 men signed a pledge to end family and sexual violence in their homes and communities during the 2016 Morobe Show held on October 15 and 16. They traced their palm on a piece of coloured paper and signed their name to show their support to end family and sexual violence in Lae and around the country.

Femili PNG and partners promote child safety

Mymie is a four-year-old girl who is attending school in West Taraka, which locals consider one of the most dangerous suburbs in Lae, Papua New Guinea. Every day, she walks 45 minutes from home to school. During the recent Child Safety Day supported by Femili PNG and other partners, Mymie and her mother learned about basic safety rules, potential risks and child rights principles.