Buy a ‘bilum’ to support a survivor of family and sexual violence


A bilumĀ is a traditional Papua New Guinean bag, handmade using unique twisting and weaving techniques.

A number of Femili PNG clients make bilums to support themselves and their families and we are now selling bilums in Australia.

The below bilums have been made by our clients, as well as other women in Papua New Guinea.

To purchase a bilum, please email [email protected] with your name, address, phone number and the code of theĀ bilum you would like to order.

Payments can be made by direct transfer into our Australian bank .

Price: AUD 18. Order code 105.
Price: AUD 12. Order code 142.
Price: AUD 18. Order code 140.
Price: AUD 22. Order code 137.
Price: AUD 18. Order code 133.