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Family Protection Orders in PNG – a pilot study in Lae


Last week, the full research report on Family Protection Orders in Lae was released by the Department of Pacific Affairs at ANU. We congratulate researchers Judy Putt, Theresa Phillips, Davida Thomas and Lindy Kanan on this significant and useful publication.

Drawing on consultations and interviews with more than 50 stakeholders and interviews with 14 women survivors, the research aimed to determine the use and efficacy of family protection orders. Femili PNG was pleased to be able to support this valuable research and supply de-identified client data to the researchers.

The research has found that there has been an increase in the number of protection orders granted as well as a decline in the time it took to obtain one. One of the factors that have contributed to this is the increased support for applicants during the process,

through improved coordination and referrals among key stakeholders, with Femili PNG taking on a lead role in court advocacy. Femili PNG helps those who are assessed as being at high risk of further abuse and violence with paperwork and the court process. A comparison of 2017 data from Femili PNG and the district court suggests about half of the IPO applicants in that year were Femili PNG clients. (page xi)

A full copy of the report is available for download here.

In addition several ‘In Brief’ publications are available:

IB 2019/02 Family Protection Orders in Lae, Papua New Guinea: Part 1 Accessing Justice 

IB 2019/03 Family Protection Orders in Lae, Papua New Guinea: Part 2 Improving Safety

IB 2019/04 Family Protection Orders in Lae, Papua New Guinea: Part 3 Factors Affecting the Accessibility and Effectiveness of the Orders