Acknowledgement of the work of Dr Kamalini Lokuge


The Board of Femili PNG puts on the public record its sincere and deep appreciation of Dr Kamalini Lokuge’s work from the start of 2013 to date (early 2016) with Femili PNG as founding Director.

This work included, from early 2013 to mid-2014, design and preparation, where her work ranged from the fundamental and conceptual to the logistical and financial. Her role in training and setting up guidelines and protocols was also invaluable around the time of commencement in mid-2014.

From the commencement of operations to the present, Dr Lokuge’s role has been to provide operational and risk management technical guidance and oversight, again a very demanding, time-consuming and critical role.

Without her extensive and sustained pro bono contributions and financial support and her personal commitment to the project, Femili PNG would never have come into existence. That is has not only come into existence but thrived during its relatively short period of operations is testimony to the role Dr Lokuge has played.

Also of great importance are the wide-ranging pro bono contributions that Dr Lokuge has mobilized from others whose valuable expertise we have also benefited enormously from.